Thanks List

In the design of the KUN Visual Novel website, we referenced the interface designs of the following excellent websites, including:

  • Twitter - Semi-transparent design, infinitely flexible height boxes
  • Github - Color schemes
  • - User information categorization
  • StackOverflow - Shadowing of page sections
  • ChatGPT (OpenAI ChatGPT) - Various technical questions
  • Google - Topic details page
  • YouTube - Technical exchange pages
  • Adobe - Bottom Footer
  • Many examples on Codepen - All pages have some relevance
  • Bilibili (Bilibili) - Top navigation bar
  • Ymgal (YM Galgame) - Top navigation bar

In the initial design phase, we browsed a large number of well-designed web pages, and may have also referred to the designs of many other websites. However, we didn't keep records during extensive browsing, so we can't showcase them here.

In the development of the KUN Visual Novel website, we received strong support from the following individuals, including:

  • ACGNGAME (Galworld) Webmaster. Yukino! Log in!
  • Shinnku (UpsetGal) Webmaster. The world's cutest, lovely shinnku sister! Invincible!
  • Ymgal (YM Galgame) Webmaster. Webmaster! So powerful!
  • yurzhang (yur!) as the Night's, Reincarnation!
  • Haruki (Haruki-san!) A very, very smart person! A mathematical genius!
  • Asuka Minato (Asuka-san!) He's too powerful! I'm crying!

And many other individuals who supported us, as well as those who provided suggestions and corrections. We sincerely thank them here.

Our website adheres to the principles of moemoe (beautiful), open-source, and free. You can find our projects on GitHub:

Current version of the forum (V2):

Full-stack implementation with Nuxt3 + MongoDB kun-galgame-nuxt3

Decoupled forum (V1):

Frontend implemented with Vue3 + Vite + Typescript + Pinia: kun-galgame-vue

Backend implemented with Koa2 + Redis + Mongoose + MongoDB: kun-galgame-koa

Initial design draft of the forum:

Implemented with pure HTML + CSS: kun-galgame-pure-css

If you don't mind, you can give our GitHub projects a star as a token of your support.