About Us

Website Introduction

KUN Visual Novel is a collective of individuals passionate about the Visual Novel genre. It currently consists of the following sub-websites:

In addition to the projects owned by KUN Visual Novel itself, we would like to express our gratitude to the following websites, which have made significant contributions to the development of KUN Visual Novel.

In addition, the construction of KUN Visual Novel has received support from numerous individuals and inspiration from various websites. Please refer to the thanks list for more details.

We sincerely thank everyone who has contributed to the development of KUN Visual Novel! And thank you to those who use the KUN Visual Novel Forum!


  • Actively promote truly good games, ensuring that everyone uses websites like VNDB to see real visualized data and avoid being misled by "experts."
  • Avoid the negative aspects of modern internet trends, such as the culture of praising and criticizing, valuing criticism as a virtue, etc.
  • Encourage everyone to learn basic computer fundamentals to prevent the emergence of "keyboard warriors."
  • Build a forum focused on individual user enjoyment, resisting the creation of elitist hierarchies.
  • Many current websites use templates, resulting in a monotonous aesthetic; we aim to address this issue.
  • ...and more.

We believe: " A game that brings you joy and makes you genuinely laugh is a truly good game! "

Our ultimate goal is to create: The world's best Visual Novel forum!

Open Source Declaration

This forum and all its sub-projects adhere to the GPL-3.0 license , fully open-source and free. The GitHub project's open-source repository is located at

Current version of the forum (V2):

Full-stack implementation with Nuxt3 + MongoDB kun-galgame-nuxt3

Decoupled forum (V1):

Frontend implemented with Vue3 + Vite + Typescript + Pinia: kun-galgame-vue

Backend implemented with Koa2 + Redis + Mongoose + MongoDB: kun-galgame-koa

Initial design draft of the forum:

Implemented with pure HTML + CSS: kun-galgame-pure-css

If you don't mind, you can give our GitHub projects a star as a token of your support.

Operating Principles

1. The Cutest Visual Novel Forum in the World

Here, "cutest" doesn't just mean literally "cute / moe"; it refers to all the beautiful things in the world. Anything that makes you happy and feel wonderful can be called "cute / moe." This means that we have no set rules; all rules depend on everyone's common opinions.

A visual novel forum means that we focus primarily on visual novels, and all topics on the homepage are related to visual novels. Other topics are placed in Topic Pool

2. To Create The Best Atmosphere

Continuing from the previous point, before I started designing the entire website, I wrote the following on the design drawing:

  • Promoting truly good games, so everyone can see real visualized data on websites like VNDB and avoid being misled by "experts."
  • Rejecting the modern internet trend of praising and bashing, considering criticism a virtue.
  • Empowering anyone to learn basic computer skills to avoid "newbie" issues.
  • Building a forum focused on individual user enjoyment, resisting the creation of hierarchies.
  • ...

This means that unkind behavior, such as sarcasm and bashing, is not allowed on KUN Visual Novel. Of course, this all depends on everyone's opinions.

3. NO ADs Forever

Literally, the website will never have any form of advertisements. We believe a good forum should not have any advertising. If you find something resembling an ad, please report it. If 10 people report it, the topic will be locked.

4. Free Forever

Literally, no one will ever spend money on the website's virtual currency (Moemoepoints) . The amount of virtual currency depends on appreciation from others. If you would like to support us, you can do so here .

Forum Guidelines

Guidelines? No, we have no guidelines. All guidelines depend on everyone's common opinions.

However, we hope to keep things kind and minimize hostility.

To avoid having your account deleted prematurely, we offer these suggestions

  • 1. No political discussions.
  • 2. No advertising or solicitation.
  • 3. For sensitive topics, please include a clear warning in the article title, e.g., R18, R18-G, etc.

Why offer suggestions? Because these are not "Moe" behaviors. If you'd like to learn more about posting etiquette, please see the Non-Moe Records .